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Brokerage Strategies for Older Properties

Well-located vintage assets have a vital role to play—if you have the right game plan. Sometimes, age does matter. At least, some tenants think so. When it comes to a broker’s job of getting an older property leased, everyone has a slightly different strategy. Commercial Property Executive asked these three brokers what

JCPenney Investing $1B to Improve Stores

JCPenney said this week that it plans to spend more than $1 billion by the end of 2025 to revive the storied but troubled 121-year-old department store chain, The Associated Press reported. This investment is poised to become the next chapter in JCPenney’s proverbial cat with nine lives survival tale, but experts

ICSC: The Advantages of Placemeking in Today’s Retail Market

Retailers that in the past plunked down large cookie-cutter stores in malls and power centers across the U.S. have ramped up experiments with smaller formats geared toward local tastes and culture. It’s a strategy that satisfies several needs and goals of retailers at once — first and foremost to forge