Jake Radeski Shares Insights on the Benefits Ghost Kitchens Offer to Landlords

Long Beach-based Sunstone Management Inc. has made significant strides focusing on small businesses, lower-middle markets, and, lately, opportunity zones.

Within opportunity zones, Sunstone is first focusing on ghost kitchens. Jake Radeski said throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, “ghost kitchens have continued to gain steam. We see that through the increase of virtual brands and brands pivoting to virtual kitchens.”

He adds that while many of the same players are developing ghost kitchens now, there are some new players.

“Ghost kitchens continue to pick up speed and have been a real bright spot for a lot of landlords right now,” Radeski said.

Sunstone is working on its first ghost kitchen in a former off building in downtown Long Beach which John Shen is calling a “ghost kitchen 2.0.”

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