Culver City continues to become the most exciting area of Los Angeles

Culver City has become the hot spot for company relocation and expansion in recent years, everyone from AmazonStudios to Apple and HBO are flocking to the once sleepy city sitting under the 10 Freeway. There are approximately 76 commercial and residential projects currently active in the city which is a sign that the city will continue to grow. With the increasing numbers of tech and entertainment companies moving into the city, there is a demand for unique and trendy places that offer a unique experience. This has contributed to the rise of new developments around the city that attract notable retailers and restaurants to the area.

In 2016, the PLATFORM opened its doors with its modern design and thoughtful mix of tenants that captured the attention of developers all over the nation. What used to be a used car lot was transformed into an indoor-outdoor urban oasis that featured high end brands mixed with cool pop up tenants. It brought a different kind of energy that was needed for the community and paved the way for other incoming developments.

The next exciting development to open is the Culver Steps project, home to AmazonStudios and featuring restaurants like Mendocino Farms and fitness concept like CorePower Yoga. The project also features outdoor architectural staircases surrounded by landscaped terraces that allows for the on-site community to take power naps during the week and families to picnic during the weekend.

The newest development is Ivy Station, which features office space (soon to be HBO’s home), residential, retail and a 148 room boutique hotel called The Shay Hotel. The project is built adjacent to the Metro Expo Line of Culver City, making it very accessible by public transit.

Finally, Culver Public Market is the newest food hall that’s going to bring as many as 9 restaurants under one roof coming in 2021. It will be the first west coast project for Urbanspace, the company founded in the early 70s in London who created Camden Locke and Spitalfields in London and also Union Square Holiday Market in NYC.

The future of Culver City is looking so bright that there is an air of excitement when walking through the city and seeing the vibrant community. The metamorphosis of the city transforming itself into the West Side gem will be one to watch for years to come.