Leasing a Retail Property with a Formula Retail Ordinance

James Keefe, Senior Account Manager at Beta, was recently featured by GlobeSt where he explains the in’s and out’s of leasing a retail property with a formula retail ordinance.

James Keefe, Mitchell Hernandez, and Richard Rizika represented Jamestown in leading the leasing efforts for Malibu Village, a retail center in the city of Malibu, CA which has a formula retail ordinance. The combined efforts have lead to leases signed with brands such as WITTMORE, Surfing Cowboys, The Stronghold, Teressa Foglia, Higher Standards, and The Mindry. Recently, the iconic restaurant Broad Street Oyster Co. has signed a two-year lease extension.

The city of Malibu is one of a few cities to have an ordinance in place for retail.

To read the full article, please visit: https://www.globest.com/2020/02/03/how-to-lease-a-retail-property-with-a-formula-retail-ordinance/?slreturn=20200103104220